Transform Staircases with Elegant Glass Balustrades

Elevate the essence of any living or commercial space with our contemporary glass and stainless-steel balustrades for your staircases. Merging the luminosity of clear glass with the robust elegance of stainless steel, our balustrades breathe life and luxury into staircases, whether they ascend indoors or brave the outdoors.


Statement Stairs Are Just a Step Away!

Imagine walking into a space where the staircase becomes a focal point, capturing the dance of sunlight during the day and reflecting ambient lights by night. The precision-cut glass panels ensure safety while promising unhindered views, making every step feel like you’re ascending into a world of luxury. The gleaming stainless-steel fixtures can stand testament to strength and modernity.

But it’s not just the aesthetics; the very feel of the cool, sturdy handrails as you ascend or descend gives a tactile reassurance of quality and safety. Each balustrade we craft isn’t just a fixture; it’s an experience. A journey from one level to another, seamlessly blending the assurance of strength with the allure of modern design.


Absolutely! Our balustrades can be tailored to fit a range of staircase designs, be it frameless, semi-frameless, straight, spiral, or curved.

Indeed, we use top-grade, toughened glass for our balustrades, ensuring durability while retaining crystal clear transparency over time.

Our 316 grade stainless-steel fixtures are corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor staircases. They maintain their gleam and strength irrespective of weather conditions.

Minimal! The combination of glass and stainless steel ensures easy cleaning and negligible upkeep. A simple wipe-down will have them looking as good as new. Here’s a handy maintenance guide if you need one though!


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