Balconies You’ll Fall in Love With

Getting its name from the classic Shakespeare love story Romeo and Juliet, in the famous Verona balcony scene, this timeless addition will bring a certain elegance and beauty to your property. Not only that, but they’re easy to install them yourself!


Connect More with the Outdoors

From the modernisation of materials, new contemporary building styles and the ever-changing lifestyles of people and families in today’s world, have all contributed to the evolving design of this centuries-old building feature.

Unlike its traditional counterpart, a Juliet style balcony doesn’t extend outwards and therefore can’t be walked on, but it will still let in natural light and fresh air. This means that in most scenarios you won’t need a permit to install, which will save you time and money.

Maybe you’ve not been able to secure a planning permit for a fully extended external balcony.

What if you don’t want to go for walks in or live in the countryside to be one with the outdoors? Well, with glass being the main component of this stylish system, any room can be transformed into something that will deliver a closer connection with the outdoors. So, what are you waiting for? Buy online now or get in touch with SHP’s expert team to discuss your Juliet balcony requirements.

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Also known as a French or False balcony, it is designed to sit across the width of an opening on the upper storey of a building. Juliet balconies are a fantastic way of adding many of the advantages of a traditional balcony, but without any of the structural difficulties and costs.

Not only that, but they’re easy to install them yourself!

As all of the products here at SHP are manufactured the highest standards with stainless steel and glass components, there’s no need to worry about the yearly lick of paint or water-proofing with these low maintenance balcony systems.

Enhancing your property is just a click away. SHP have a range of solutions to suit budgets of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for an out of the box value-for-money system, or something more luxurious, we have something for everyone who wants to add a touch of class to their property.

And, not only do we offer an amazing range of balconies and products, we’re also able to manufacture bespoke systems, custom-built to meet your exact specifications.


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