With a frameless glass balustrade system from SHP, you’ll be able to instantly create your infinity look and have panoramic views. Our flagship product range gives your property the finest in style and elegance, as well as being extremely versatile, meaning they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


Enjoy amazing views with a minimalistic design!

A frameless balustrade relies on the strength of the glass, which is secured to robust base rail and using a thicker, toughened glass to create a clear yet strong safety barrier. The most popular architectural feature of a frameless system on many projects is to effortlessly define a boundary whilst producing a view that has no obstructions with a minimal, yet modern finish.

However, the versatility of this product means that you can buy with or without a handrail and depending on the surrounding elements of where it’s installed, you can even order with or without privacy glass (frosted or tinted).

No matter how you choose to use your new balustrade system, SHP’s range have been manufactured with a specially designed interlayer to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, ensuring its durability and longer life. Take a look below and choose the perfect system for you. Each one has their own advantages. Need help deciding? A picture can say a thousand words. Why not have a look at some of our recent projects, here.

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Whether you’re looking to buy for a residential or commercial property, a frameless balustrade system will transform the desired area. There are so many reasons to choose this type of balustrade, which is why more and more people are turning it. They’re versatile, durable, simple to install, can be installed on different surfaces and eco-friendly, to name but a few.

Not only that but they can be used almost anywhere. For balconies, pool guards or staircases, all with completely unobstructed views. The choice is yours.

You can now easily work out how much your new frameless glass balustrade systems will cost. All you need is your measurements and our balustrade calculator to find the perfect solution for your project.

Still not quite sure what you’re doing?

Don’t worry. SHP’s friendly in-house team of experts can guide you on your way. Our many years’ experience means we can easily deal with each project individually to help you create the bespoke solution you need.

If you have any questions or require more details about any of our frameless glass balustrade products, please feel free to get in touch.


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