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Stainless Handrail Products offers an extensive range of premium quality balustrade, handrail and balcony systems and fixings.

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Every property is unique in it’s own way. With our bespoke design service, we can produce the ideal system and support to match whatever you need.

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Whether it’s on the inside or the outside of your premises, our main aspiration is to help you create an experience that’s both stunning and memorable.

With the support of a highly knowledgeable and experienced team, you can elevate your home or office to extraordinary heights. Balustrades and balconies have the ability to influence your mood and atmosphere. That’s why we thrive on suppling you with a system that will seamlessly integrate with your life, whilst creating a spectacular scene.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, our ambition is to offer the most reliable and safest systems and fixings for your venture. To give you complete peace of mind, all of our products and the advice we provide is in line with the most up to date building regulations and industry standards.


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As one of the UK’s market leading manufacturers and suppliers of balustrade, handrail and Juliet balcony systems and components, not only do we have one of the best selections of UK manufactured systems and fixings, but we can also offer customers the finest premium quality, competitive prices and a service that is second to none.

In addition, SHP specialise in the design and creation of bespoke stainless steel and glass systems, which means all you need to do to add the wow factor to your property is ask. Designing and creating system just for you is easier than you think. By using our “Build Your Own Balustrade” service, we’ll make exactly what you need to any size and any specification. All delivered straight to your door.


A brilliant system and looks so amazing. The staff and service is top class. Can’t argue, they really know their stuff and were so helpful. Fantastic quality all round.

Serena Green

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Our products are on display in homes and commercial properties across the UK.
View a selection of these projects below to gain some inspiration for your own and see why customers buy from SHP.

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