by Chris Mar 25, 2022

What Are Wire Rope Balustrades and When Should You Use Them?

There are so many different types of balustrades available for your home, and choosing the right option is critical. Every system, whether it’s a frameless glass or wire rope balustrade will have their pros and cons. Usually this will be down to opinion or the desired application.

Wire rope balustrades are usually found in external settings such as around decking, trellises, pergolas, and boundary fencing, but they are so versatile they can be used for almost any area in the home. In this article, our experts are explaining what wire balustrades are and when they should be used.

What Is a Wire Rope Balustrade?

This type of balustrade system is usually made to measure and uses stainless steel posts to connect wire rope infill. Above the wire rope is a cylindrical top rail, creating a sleek and sturdy frame around the fitting. Wire rope balustrades can be customised to your home or application, and you often have the freedom to choose the number of rows fitted to the system. The stainless steel posts and top rail make these fixtures very durable and long lasting, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

When Are Wire Rope Balustrades Used?

You might be wondering whether you should choose a wire rope balustrade over a glass balustrade or other alternative. These types of fixtures have many benefits and can bring new opportunities to spaces that are not available from a glass fitting. Wire rope balustrades are primarily used outdoors, and are great for patio areas, decking, boundary lines, and other domestic spaces. These are also commonly used in commercial settings, such as in hotels, restaurants, offices and more.

Why Choose Wire Rope Balustrades?

There are many reasons why homeowners and business owners choose wire rope fixtures over traditional glass. Just a few of the advantages of wire rope balustrades are;

Minimal Maintenance

Most property owners want solutions which are hassle free and do not require much maintenance or cleaning. With wire rope balustrades, there is no need to regularly clean or buff as you would need to with glass alternatives. Depending on the materials used, they can become dirty quickly, and it takes time and effort to keep the glass panels looking spotless all year round. If you’re considering stainless steel as an option for posts though, check out here why it could be the best option for you.

Suitable In Windy Areas

Sometimes glass balustrades are not suitable for use in extremely high winds. If your property is in a very windy location, then glass balustrades might not be a realistic option. While they are very tough and hardwearing, there’s a maximum for how much wind pressure they’re able to handle. String rope balustrades are perfect for use in windy spots.

Unobstructed Views

Glass balustrades are certainly a good option for maximising views, and depending on the style you choose, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views with no interruptions. While this is the case with some glass options, some styles are built with large posts which can block the view. With wire rope balustrades, the disruption is kept to a minimum, with only very thin ropes used.


Contemporary Style

Balustrades with wire rope are certainly an option for homes and businesses alike. They can add a unique, contemporary vibe to the desired space.

Wire rope balustrades are certainly an aesthetically pleasing option for homes and businesses, and they can add a contemporary vibe to almost any space. They are super versatile, which is great for creating any look and feel you want in your home or commercial area. In some cases, you can choose between horizontal or vertical wire ropes, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Post Options

Cable railing balustrade systems offers you the option of selecting which direction you want the wire ropes to go in. Not only that, but they also let you have control of what type of posts you can use too.

For example, wooden posts are regularly used to create a warmer, more welcoming feeling and to match with a property’s existing decking area. Metal posts on the other hand can be designed to fit pretty much any interior or exterior space and are perfect for a modern, minimalistic, or corporate look.

At SHP, we offer balustrades for both domestic and commercial use. Our expert team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best solution for your building, and we can create a bespoke design just for you.

We have dedicated commercial experts who have worked on many business projects over the years. They understand that style, durability, and a great price are the essential considerations for commercial customers. When it comes to domestic customers, we’ve got the skills to design something beautiful for your unique home. Get in touch today to find out more.


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