by Chris Feb 14, 2023

What Are The Benefits of Fascia-Fixed Balustrades?

Balustrades are a popular choice for adding character and space to a property, but if your structure is not designed to have balustrades fitted, you could be left thinking that you can’t go ahead with your project.

In reality, there is always a solution when you want to add a balustrade and for those properties that can’t have a traditional fixed down solution, fascia fixing offers the perfect solution.

What is Fascia Fixing?

In simple terms, fascia fixing is when a balustrade is attached away from the area that they cover such as on the wall space below. It is an incredibly strong and durable solution and offers an attractive design feature that can be used on balconies, stairs, decking areas, landing spaces and more.

The Benefits of Fascia Fixing

In addition to offering a solution when the fixed down method is not suitable, there are also a number of other benefits to choosing fascia fixed balustrades, we’ve shared the top three below:

  • Space Savingif the area you want to surround with a balustrade is small then using a fixed down solution will take up space that could be better used by you. Fascia fixed balustrades are the best option in these cases as they maximise your available space without compromising on your safety. From narrow walkways to stairs, fascia fixed balustrades can offer the design you want without compromising the the available.
  • Clear Viewsif your property is located in a place that offers amazing views then fitting a traditional balustrade can obstruct and spoil the beauty that is on offer. Choosing a fixed balustrade made from glass will keep the full transparency in place but still offer you a safe area that you can enjoy when you want to soak up the views on offer. The best types of glass fascia fixed balustrades are frameless or button as they are minimal in design so the views can shine.
  • Supporting Flat Roofsif you have a flat roof on your property, then a balustrade with the fixed down method could either take up too much room or even be impossible in the area you have selected. Fascia fixed balustrades will allow you to enjoy the entire space and can be fixed to the wall beneath the roof or on side walls if they are available. Both solutions offer a stunning design and will elevate the look of the entire property while providing you with a new area to sit and relax.

Organising Your Fascia Fixed Balustrades

If you are keen to get balustrades fitted then your first step would be to have the area surveyed and designed. During the survey visit, the area will be properly assessed and measured before confirming whether a balustrade system can be installed or not. If you are able to go ahead with the design then you can discuss the right fittings and materials that will need to be used and agree a date for the work to be commenced.


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