by Chris Jul 28, 2023 Balustrades

Cornwall’s Coastal Vista: Post & Rail Glass Balustrade Perfection


Robust Beauty in Design

Our post & rail balustrade system, flourishing in Cornwall, brings robust beauty to any raised area. Crafted from stainless steel and 10mm toughened glass, this system offers the strength and safety your home deserves, with the sleek aesthetics that elevate your space.


Blending with Cornish Landscape

Installed in the picturesque surrounds of Cornwall, this balustrade system enhances outdoor living areas without detracting from the natural beauty. Indoors, it adds a modern touch to the interior, providing safety without sacrificing the open feel of your space.


Versatility in Installation

The versatility of our Post & Rail system shines in its suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether framing a raised decking area or enclosing a mezzanine, it offers the same seamless integration and uncompromised views, fulfilling Cornwall’s homes’ diverse design needs.

The Ideal Solution for Raised Spaces

The Post & Rail system is not just any balustrade; it’s the perfect solution for raised areas, providing a secure barrier without obstructing views. Its design complements the outdoor experience, adding value and safety to any elevated space.

Adhering to building regulations with a 0.74 kn line load capacity, our system doesn’t just look the part—it plays it. Homeowners can trust in the structural integrity that meets stringent standards, ensuring peace of mind in every corner of the home.

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Tailored to Cornwall’s Charm

Like Cornwall, balustrades have a rich history. And this system is not an imposition on Cornwall’s beauty—it’s a tribute. The transparent glass merges seamlessly with the environment, while the stainless steel posts stand as silent sentinels, robust yet refined, reflecting the strength of Cornwall’s coastal cliffs.

Aesthetic and Endurance Combined

In Cornwall, where the elements carve the landscape, our balustrade system stands resilient. The 10mm toughened glass and stainless steel posts are designed to withstand both time and tide, ensuring longevity and continuing elegance for your home sanctuary.

Defining Your Space with Clarity and Strength

Our post & rail system redefines spaces with clarity and strength. It’s a design that invites the light and landscape into your Cornwall home, transforming balconies, patios, or indoor overlooks into vantage points of unparalleled beauty.


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