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Seamless Serenity with Lancashire’s Frameless Glass Balustrade


Purity of Design

Embrace the minimalist beauty with our frameless glass balustrade in Lancashire. The clean lines of anodised aluminium channel meet the clear expanse of 17.5mm toughened and laminated safety glass, offering a pristine view and a contemporary edge to any property.


Lancashire's Landscape Unveiled

Set against the verdant backdrop of Lancashire, this balustrade provides a transparent partition that showcases the lush outdoors. Whether it’s a rustic countryside or a manicured garden, our installation ensures your view remains perfectly uninterrupted.


Boundless Horizons

This frameless wonder is not just a barrier, but a gateway to the horizon. Perfectly poised on a residential balcony, it allows for an expansive outward gaze, bringing Lancashire’s natural tapestry into the comfort of your home.

The Clarity of Safety

Our commitment to safety is as clear as our balustrades. Complying with BS-6180 regulations, the 0.74kn line load capability ensures that beauty never compromises on security. Homeowners can lean into luxury with confidence, knowing their space is safeguarded with the highest standards.

Why choose between form and function? Our Frameless Glass Balustrade is a testament to enduring elegance. The anodised aluminium channel promises longevity, while the laminated glass offers both robustness and resilience, standing firm against the test of time and elements.

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A Vision of Transparency

Our frameless glass balustrade is a vision of transparency, designed to connect you with the environment. It’s a perfect blend of engineering and artistry, where the anodised aluminium channel provides a subtle yet strong foundation for the crystal-clear glass that reaches out to Lancashire’s beauty.

Engineering Meets Aesthetics

Every installation is an orchestration of meticulous engineering and aesthetic harmony. The 17.5mm toughened and laminated safety glass not only adheres to stringent building regulations but also offers a silent guardian to your open vistas. Our frameless balustrade is a celebration of unobstructed views, ensuring that nothing comes between you and the landscape you love.

Crafting Your View

We don’t just install balustrades; we craft vistas. This Lancashire project is more than a barrier – it’s a threshold to the world outside. It’s perfect for those who wish to merge indoor comfort with the grandeur of the outdoors, making for a living space that’s both safe and stunningly limitless.


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