by Chris Nov 17, 2022

How to Find the Ideal Balustrade for Your Staircase


Balustrades improve properties, adding both functionality and beauty. Aesthetically-speaking, they can complete the overall look of your home décor, making your staircase not only functional, but also a dramatic design statement.

They are also a key safety feature, giving support and security to part of your home that sees plenty of daily traffic. But how do you choose the right balustrade to suit your property? Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind for your staircase.

Planning Is Key

Before you rush into choosing a balustrade for your staircase, you need to know what purpose you want it to serve. Finding the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics is vital. It’s important to ensure that accessibility won’t be compromised by your desired balustrade design, after all, even an ornamental staircase has to be safe to use.

Therefore, you need to consider carefully how strong your chosen balustrade material will be and how high it needs to be as well as which style you prefer, so that your staircase will enhance your space, not hinder it.

How Much Light Enters Your Home?

Daylight and space are two significant considerations when you’re choosing a balustrade. A glass system could be perfect if you could benefit from more natural light in your home, as glass creates a minimalistic, clean look that makes your property seem more spacious and bright as the light will freely pass through your stairways and balconies.

Your Home’s Interior Design Scheme

Balustrades can improve your home’s interior appearance. Contemporary designs tend to incorporate sleek and clean lines, while traditional homes often have a more rustic look. Therefore, a glass or steel systems could be a wonderful statement if you’re opting for the minimalistic modern aesthetic, while timber would look perfect in a traditional property with its timeless, warm look.

Maintenance And Traffic

It’s also important to bear in mind the high traffic areas of your property as this will affect how easy it is to maintain your balustrades as well as your choice of material. Usually, they line staircases that are in areas with naturally large volumes of traffic, so you need to select the material that is durable and long lasting.

In a home with pets or young children, choosing a low maintenance material will mean you have to spend less time on cleaning. For example, glass shows marks and fingerprints quite quickly so a frameless system will need cleaning regularly, whereas predominately steel systems like wire rope are fairly low maintenance.

Timber balustrades must be finished or coated, and you will need to apply a fresh layer every couple of years. Meanwhile, if you’re using steel balustrades outdoors, you’ll need to clean and coat them regularly to protect against rust. Glass also requires regular repairs if cracks or chips appear to guard against further breakage.

Understanding the ongoing maintenance needs of your chosen material will help you make the right decision for your lifestyle and your individual property.

Balustrades are a beautiful addition to any home, especially when it comes to staircases, and they can really elevate your décor and design. The key is selecting the right ones for your property and your family’s requirements. By using this guide, you’ll have a better idea about how to create the best staircase to suit you.


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