by Chris Sep 16, 2022

Decking Balustrade Installation – Which Type Is Best For You?

Decking represents the perfect way of joining together your outside and indoor spaces, providing an accessible yet safe area to enjoy the great outdoors. However, since decks are frequently raised off the ground to allow immediate access from the house, adding balustrades to your decking is often essential so the area can remain safe and secure.

While a solid wood fence surrounding the decking is probably not an ideal solution as it would block out the light while also requiring extensive maintenance, there are plenty of other balustrade options that you may want to consider that add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor spaces. Here are some of the most popular.

Glass Balustrades

Both framed and frameless glass balustrades are popular choices for decking as they offer uninterrupted garden views. Glass balustrades allow minimalistic design to be combined effectively with safety and durability.

Glass allows the natural light to shine through, but it’s difficult to break, and that makes it perfect for decking balustrades. Thanks to the toughened glass they are made from, and the variety of finishes, you can create a stunning feature for your space.

A framed balustrade has glass panels between customisable metal posts with a handrail fitted to the top for additional security. Meanwhile, a frameless balustrade is made from glass panelling fixed onto metal runners without posts in between the panels.

Easy to care for and timeless in appearance, glass balustrades are a fantastic choice.

Metal Railing Balustrades

A metal rail balustrade is made of metal posts that are evenly spaced and feature one handrail across their top, frequently with stronger metal posts intermittently between. There are several designs and materials to choose from, making these rails a versatile choice for your decking.

Metal balustrades offer a durable, sturdy solution that is fairly weather-resistant. With stainless steel, aluminium, and wrought iron options to choose from, and with their easy-to-maintain, easy-to-assemble design, they are attractive and convenient.

Wood Fences

Wooden panelling or fences is another option for your decking balustrade. Giving you extra privacy for your outdoor area, it also boasts an all-natural look that is very appealing. Wooden balustrades can easily be customised thanks to the many kinds of finishes and woods to pick from.

It’s also possible to choose different post thicknesses and to design your toil rail so that it matches your aesthetic. It’s harder to care for wooden balustrades though, although you can treat modern wood so it lasts longer.

Choosing The Right Balustrades For You

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to selecting the perfect balustrades to complement your decking. Whatever your preferences, and whatever the style of your outdoor area, you can be confident that you’ll find just what you’re looking for thanks to the numerous materials, finishes, and styles available to pick from. Whether you want a traditional rustic or modern minimalistic aesthetic in your garden, you’ll find a balustrade that helps you create the look you desire.


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