by Chris Dec 23, 2021

Creating An All Glass Look with Posted Balustrades


Glass balustrades are a popular choice for both commercial and residential properties, and they are often used both inside a building and outdoors. These structures deliver both functionality and beauty to a space and bring many benefits including safety and aesthetics.

A glass balustrade is where a sheet of glass is used to fill the space between a handrail and the floor. They are most commonly used on staircases and balconies, and are an important safety feature.

Building regulations often mean balustrades of some kind are required, and glass balustrades are a great option as they allow light through and mean you can enjoy a view without obstruction. When choosing glass balustrades, you are likely to come across both posted and frameless options.

Read on to find out the differences between these two options, and how you can create an all glass look even when using posted balustrades.

Framed vs Frameless Balustrades

Posted balustrades are sometimes referred to as framed, and frameless fittings are also known as structural glass balustrades. The differences between the two options are clear, and there are actually various types of both framed and frameless balustrades to choose from.

A framed, or posted, balustrade uses metal posts between each pane of glass. This option only requires the glass to be 10mm thick, because the structure and strength of the fitting is coming from the stainless steel posts that surround each glass panel. While posted balustrades can look stunning and are a great option for many, some people are concerned that the metal posts can obstruct views and look unsightly.

Frameless or structural glass balustrades use the panels of glass as the actual structure for the railings. There are no posts between the panes, delivering uninterrupted views and just a clear glass finish. With this kind of glass balustrade, the glass is required to be thicker and stronger than posted options, because it needs to be able to withstand a lot of weight and pressure.

The glass panels are fixed with a strong base and there are various options for this, including mini posts, stand off point fixings, or base clamps. Frameless balustrades are often a more expensive option due to the thicker glass required and intricate fixings. There are also some situations when a structural system might not work, and a posted glass balustrade is the only option.

How To Create an All Glass Look With Posted Balustrades?

If you are dreaming of infinity glass for a sleek and uninterrupted finish, but unable to have frameless balustrades in your building, all is not lost. At Stainless Handrail Products, we are able to create an all glass look using posted balustrades, and this has become a popular choice for many of our customers.

Not all posted balustrades are the same, and our square line or round shaped balustrades can deliver an almost frameless finish. Combining these kinds of fixtures with glass holders or tube infill is an easy way to create an interrupted look. This method of fitting glass balustrades positions the glass panels slightly in front of the metal posts. The outside of the balustrade will look frameless, and the glass panels will be uninterrupted.

Using posts to create a frameless look means you can use wider glass panes which save time on installation, and there is no need for any corner posts. Not only that, but because the posts are mounted to the side, it creates more space inside the balustrade, which is great for small balconies.

Another option is to use glass frame tube infills between two 30mm glass profiles. One piece of the tube will attach on the top of the glass, and the other onto the bottom, enclosing the panels in place. The result is a frameless balustrade look with minimal tube posts.

The final way of creating an infinity glass finish with metal posts is using glass holders at the top and bottom of each panel. You can create a seamless look right down the floor by fitting the holders to the fascia, covering floor edges.

We can help you create something special

At Stainless Handrail Products, we are experts in creating the perfect solution for your property. Whether you want posted balustrades, frameless balustrades, or something in between, we are here to help.

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