by Chris Feb 14, 2023

Banisters, Balustrades, Balusters and Spindles – Oh My!


Banisters, balustrades, balusters and spindles are all important components when you want to improve the look of your space as well as providing a durable safety feature. Each of these options are equally important whether you are hospitality business looking to keep clients safe or a homeowner wanting to ensure that your children are not at risk.

In addition, choosing one of these options can help to improve levels of privacy and create a stunning design feature – find out more about each one and the materials they can be made from now.

What are Balustrades and What Do They Do?

Balustrades are a type of panel that is used to create a barrier. They are used on stairs and balconies more communally and are designed to stop people and objects from falling and getting damaged. Balustrades are not a new invention and have actually been around since the early 17th century!

Balustrades have developed over time and been honed to support modern requirements. However, choosing the right balustrade is not just about function and safety, it can also help to increase the value of your property and help you to create a specific feel to your space.

What’s the Difference Between a Balustrade and a Banister?

If you are confused by the difference between balustrades and banisters then you are are not alone! Many people think that they are the same thing but in reality balustrades are a set of balusters that are put together to create a handrail and are positioned along stairs, balconies and terraces. A bannister is a structure that is created by the combination of uprights and handrails on a staircase.

When a Baluster Becomes Balusters and When Balusters Become a Balustrade

A single baluster is a vertical post that is made from wood, stone, plaster, metal or even plastic. It is designed to offer strength and durability even when it is leaned on and it often has a decorative design.

When more than one baluster is put together it becomes balusters – a row of vertical posts that are made to offer support and durability. It’s a row of balusters that are used in the creation of a balustrade. The balustrade is a row of vertical posts (balusters) that have been fixed together and installed to create a protective wall for staircases, balconies and other open spaces.

The Baluster Shapes You Can Choose

The great thing about balusters is that they can be designed in a range of shapes to fit the specific design you need. The first balusters created were in a flower bud design and these then become a vasiform design that offers a wide body and narrow neck.

These days the vasiform design is still very popular but another popular choice includes a symmetrical baluster that has a symmetrical top and bottom section, with a shape in the middle that connects the two ends. Spindles have also grown in popularity as the years have gone on but they are different from balusters.

What is the Difference Between a Baluster and a Spindle?

While there are many commonalities between spindles and balusters, there are some clear differences too! Spindles are attached to a rail at the top and bottom, creating a simple railing system. Balusters tend to rest on the floor or a step without anything underneath it, fixing instead directly to the area it is designed to protect.

Getting the Right Support

If you are keen to install a new balustrade or banister solution into your property then it is wise to get an expert to design, make and install your new system. Stainless Handrail Products are here to help and can offer you the expertise you need to get the solution you want – get in touch today and let us design your new system!


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