by Chris Jul 27, 2021

A Guide To Understanding Planning Permission For Balustrade Glass Fitting

When it coms to designing and fitting glass balustrades on your property, there are all manner of things that’ll need to be taken into consideration. Those carrying out the work can often find it something of a balancing act, as it’s vital that they ensure the system not only looks the part and is fit for purpose, but also meets all necessary safety requirements. It’s therefore integral that the planning permission requirements for balustrade glass fittings are fully understood, and followed to the letter.

We have more than 20 years in the business here at Stainless Handrail Products, and our team of expert technicians know everything there is to know inside out. So to help break it down into something that’s easy to digest, we’ve gone ahead and put together this handy guide to understanding planning permission for balustrade glass fitting.

Is There A Difference Between Planning Permission And Building Regulations?

Planning permission has often been defined as something that looks to guide the way towns, cities and countrysides are developed. This includes the use of buildings and land, the appearance of structures, landscaping, access to highways and the impact that developments would have on the general environment.

Building regulations on the other hand, are standards set out for the construction and design of buildings to ensure the health and safety of people in or around those buildings. These regulations also include specific requirements to make sure that power and fuel is appropriately conserved and that facilities are provided for people of all abilities to access and freely move about inside buildings.

Is Planning Permission A Requirement For All Glass Balustrade Fittings?

No, not all balustrade projects will require planning permission, but some might. The best way to find out whether you will need to apply for planning permission is to get in touch with your local council. It won’t always be such a black and white issue, and there are a lot of contributing factors that often make it hard to predict.

Larger projects that involve altering listed buildings, developing a large extension, or building something from scratch will often require planning permission if you’re looking to add glass fittings. On the other hand, smaller projects allow all kinds of glazing works without needing planning permission.

While there’s always a duty of care to advise any homeowner or the owner of a commercial premises of any issues or considerations regarding planning permission that could arise, fabricators or installers shouldn’t worry too much about it, as it will’ve been taken care of much earlier in the design process.

In What Ways Can I Ensure My Balustrade Glass Fitting is Compliant?

Ensuring a glass system is compliant falls under the remit of the fabricators and installers. While the material selection and overall design will be conceptualised by an architect who won’t necessarily need a full understanding of all these requirements, those making the design plans will need to ensure all components are fixed as per the practice guidelines.

To best ensure your glass fitting is fully compliant with the rules and regulations, each and every component, whether it’s the stand off point fixing or glass clamp, will have to be fitted with the exact requirements of the design plans.

Recommendations and guidance for all railings and balustrades can be found in British Standards 6180:2011, along with Approved Document K for the Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact.

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