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How easy are our kits to install?

Our Kits are carefully designed to ensure ease of installation. Any competent builder or DIY expert can fit our systems with ease. We can provide help with any fixing instructions you may need.

What applications are Glass Balustrades installed on?
Many different ones. Most popular are Decking Glass Balustrades, Patio Glass Balustrades, Glass Balconies and Pool Balustrades.
Do we supply fixing bolts?

Yes, please advise us on which type of fixing you need for your application.

What is the difference between 304 Grade Stainless and 316?

Grade 304 is only suitable for indoor applications whilst 316 is more corrosion resistant and can be used externally. We recommend that any project within 5 miles of the coast to use 316 Mirror Polished. You will also need to protect all external stainless steel with a protective cleaner.

Can I buy individual parts only, rather than complete kits?

Of course, selling parts individually for Glass Balustrades & Juliet Balconies is a big part of our business. Please contact our sales team for details

How high does my Glass Balustrade need to be?
Building regulations state 900mm for internal stair areas and 1100mm everywhere else. If there is a drop of 600mm or greater a handrail will need to be used unless you are using laminated glass.
What other products we supply?

We don’t just supply Glass Balustrades & Juliet Balconies – we also supply Glass Door Canopies, and Glass Fire Wood Racks available in all shapes and sizes. Get in touch for more details.

Will the glass be delivered separately from the hardware?

Usually the glass will arrive direct via our glass processor’s specialist vehicles. Please ensure you have arrangements in place to take reciept of the goods.

Can you supply fittings instructions for Frameless Glass Balustrades?

We have full installation instructions that can assist you with the installation – not only for our Frameless Glass Balustrade but also our Post Glass Balustrade systems. We can also send installation videos, please ask our Sales team for more information.

I’m interested in a Decking Glass Balustrade - what do I fix it to?

Our systems are only tested being fixed into steel or concrete but we do see a lot of installations being fixed into timber. Our advice is to ensure you fix directly into the timber beams underneath the decking board. You will need atleast 120mm depth of fixing using timber chipboard screws.

What does 0.74kn mean?

Measurement of force that systems our tested to. Essentially 0.74kn is equivalent to 740kg of force per square metre. This is the standard requirement for a domestic dwelling where there is a fall greater than 600mm

What happens if I want to cancel or amend an order?

Due to the bespoke nature of Glass Balustrade and Juliet balconies, all orders are processed immediately and cannot be cancelled once in production. Please get in touch straight away if you need to make any amendments to your order.

Which areas do you deliver to?

Due to our excellent supplier relationships we can deliver products all over the UK.

Can you install?

We are a supply only business but we have a variety of trusted Glass Balustrade installers within our network. We are happy to pass your details to them. Many of our customers purchase the kits from us, and use our trusted installers to fit the product. Please note the installers are independent contractors and not employed by us.

Are your frameless Glass Balustrade systems tested?
Our Frameless Glass Balustrade systems are rigorously tested in the UK and Europe to BS-6180. This ensures we put your safety first. Full test report details are available, please speak to our sales team for more info.
Do I need to maintain my Stainless Steel Balustrade system?

Yes, in many cases Stainless products can ‘tea stain’ over time so it’s important you clean and maintain your system to ensure it looks in pristine condition. We sell a 3-part Stainless Steel Cleaning Set please ask our sales team for details.

Do you supply Glass Door Canopies?

Yes we have a full range on Glass Canopies and we can also make bespoke systems to any specification you require. Please check our Glass Canopy page for more information.